Feature Update (0.1.14)

Check out the latest progress in the code and world map of Untold Dawn, an upcoming RPI game.

We've been hard at work to continue to make progress in our goal of developing Untold Dawn. This week, we made a lot of upgrades across the board.

First of all, early in the week, we brought two new testers to the team to add an extra set of eyes for each feature. Hopefully with our testing team, we will be able to take better decisions and make good QOL features.

Lockable Doors

Using the WIP permissions system, we have managed to get lockable doors working.

Doors can be set as lockable as we explained in our previous post. However, this did not have any functionality yet. They also will require ownership to be set up:

If you are the owner of a door, you will be able to lock it.

There is also a permission that allows you to define people who can lock something. Here is it in action:

In the screenshot above, we add ourselves as able to lock the door, but then transfer the ownership of it to someone else.

However, if you do not have the right permissions, it will tell you so.

This also comes with a check that the door is not locked from the other side (if applicable).

Staff Model Improvements

We've began adding a couple of testers to the team. While a temporary position, these players require basic admin commands to be able to test the game.

This has forced us to work some on our staffing model!

Under the hood, we've done a lot of improvements to the way staff level queries work (to see if you are staff, what rank, etc).

We have removed the old 'staff' command which was used for a channel to communicate between staffers. Instead, the 'staff' command is going to be used as a general purpose staff administration command.

Something that ironically happens with a new engine is that some very basic administrative commands have not been created. One such example is making someone an admin. Since our staff team consisted of a maximum of three people, we simply assigned them on the database.

However, as we are adding testers, we needed a way to change the staff rank in game. This is a little bit more complex than it might sound, because the staff ranks are not reactive. They are in the database and get updated when you login.

However, we have made a staff subcommand (staff setrank <username> <id>) that updates this rank on the database, and if you are online it will update it on your entity too.

Here is an example of a tester typing the staff command before having the privileges, and then after having the privileges.

For now, setrank is only available to rank 999 (Owner). Untold Dawn intends to be a team with a tight ship, anyways, unless circumstances changes.

We also implemented a brand new tester chat for our testers.

QC Wallet Display

Did some tweaks to the qc wallet command to show the word 'ID' next to the ID. The ID is different from the address, and some commands were confusing our testers!


Fixed the message when registering to chargen, so that it prompts you to create a character.

World Building

Now we have doors, we've been working on putting in the directional messages inside the base. With that completed, we've begun ploughing through with getting the physical outdoor world built so that our testers have somewhere real to be testing the systems as they're built. The area for the various stages of play has been mapped out, and the initial pre-alpha phase outdoor lands are sliding their way in game. You can now leave the base!


We have also implemented a sunlight system. Outside, between dawn and dusk, rooms will be fully lit. After dusk, darkness means the details you'll see are limited, unless there's an artificial light source in the room.

Here we can see an outside room before and after it has the sunlight property added (during daylight hours)

We will probably have a lot more to do with lighting, including making hand-held lights which for now do not work. More on this soon!

What's Next?

We have some improvements to make across the board based on the feedback our testers gave us.

We've also begun work on the mineral purchase machines, and we might have some exciting feature to unveil in that regard. We hope to have more news next weekend!