Feature Update (v0.1.15e)

We finished version 0.1.15 with some minor updates and reveal our plan for the next few weeks of development!

This week, we finished version 0.1.15 and implemented several optimizations, pushing the changes live. We also reveal the plan for the coming few weeks.

Server Micro-Module

We have created a new micro-module and ported all of our core telnet logic to it. This makes it easier to work and digest into this system; the telnet core is a system that we only dive for meaningful optimizations or very critical bugs, so having it be separated into a workspace library (almost like a separate project) is a great separation of concerns and a step into making our codebase even more orderly.

It is complex to explain the work that went into this for an audience that is not composed entirely of programmers, but this involved dissecting a lot of the codebase, extracting and porting logic that was unnecessarily coupled, etc. But it's a great change.

In general, our telnet operations work well and speedily, so this change was more of a curiosity on my end. At work, I've used Rust mostly in micro-services, so I've never had a codebase as extensive as this in Rust.

Workspaces allow you to break down a large project into smaller, more manageable parts. Each part can be developed and tested independently as its own crate, which promotes modularity and clean code organization.

Rust's compiler is also optimized to handle workspaces efficiently. It can compile all crates in the workspace in parallel and only rebuild crates that have changed, leading to faster build times, especially in large projects.

I think in the future, this should also allow me to share parts of the codebase with contributors without sharing the entirety of the codebase, if we ever get to that stage.

So, expect more of this to happen!

Kernels Live!

Our testing server has received the kernel update and the CrushOS update, letting our testers give us valuable insight into them.

With the update came the building of our first kernel, although still WIP.

What's Next?

Right now, this is where we're at with the Minerals Roadmap.

The roadmap for minerals

The Minerals Roadmap is the roadmap of our intended uses for a mineral. For this to come to fruition, we had to make the mining skill, currency and kernels.

The green elements are those that have been coded, and the red element (currently only the Assembler) is the part which is missing.

Likewise, here is the current plan for The Assembler and the Assembling Skill.

There will likely be more parts to this. For instance, you can fail or succeed based on the Assembling roll and that would destroy materials. But I think that flowchart can give you a rough idea of where we're headed with this.

And this is our rough estimate of the pending features of the project:

Keep in mind that, being a single game developer, this schedule could change as new priorities emerge.