Feature Update (v0.1.15d)

This week, Rune had a wedding to attend to, so there was a little bit less time on the weekend; however, before that happened, we had a lot of great updates. CrushOS is almost near completion. We should be finishing it this upcoming week. Let's take a look!

Value Command for CrushOS

Based on the price list set, you can put minerals in the machine and type 'value' to get the price you will get for it.

Wallets in Kernel

We have made it so that you can assign a wallet to a CrushOS machine. Here you can see the new audit command, and the set command in use. It sets it to the wallet you have open.

Selling Minerals

We have implemented the 'sell' command which lets you sell what ever is inside the machine, based on the set price.

Here is the error catching behind the function:

And here is the machine properly crunching the ores!

List Command

The list command is a public-facing command that should show you what this (and other kernel types) are selling or buying right now.

Buying Minerals

You can now buy minerals from the machine. Here is a user typing the command:

Here is the resulting cube within the machine (the admin information):

What's Next?

As you might see, CrushOS is around ~7 days from being concluded code-wise. We need to tighten up the system, test it a little bit, and improve the display if we can. We would like to get some feedback on this once we're done.

After that, we're going to have to decide what's next on this mining tree! Probably being able to use the minerals for some crafts.