Feature Update (0.1.4)

See what's the latest in the development of Untold Dawn and its custom RPI MUD engine.

Feature Update (0.1.4)

The development of Untold Dawn continues steadily.

Giving Things

We have implemented the give command, which lets your character transfer an item to another one.

If their hands are full, they will not be able to receive an item.

Getting Things, Done

In our last post we briefly touched on the new inventory system which implemented the GET and DROP commands. If you haven't read it, feel free to check it out here:

Welcome to Untold Dawn!
The team has been hard at work, with Blasphemy hard at work building the various areas of the game-world with the latest tools. There’s so much work involved in this and it’s quite incredible what she’s been doing here!

This time, we had to fix a funny bug where you could get various things that you shouldn't be able to.

You used to be able to get yourself, which you should not be capable of doing anymore.

We also made it so that the items in your inventory take precedence when emoting. This involved a lot of hard work making these be included in the targetting calculations, but here is an example of that in action:

You are now able to target your hand's items in emotes and action emotes

We also had a lot of fun picking exits, characters and even rooms. However, all fun things must come to an end, and we have made it so that you cannot pick any of the following:

  • An exit
  • A character
  • A room
  • An integrated item (an item that is in the room description)
Here you can see someone try to get a character, an exit and an integrated item.

And we now have a way to tell when you do not have any free grabbing bodyparts to use, which should be checked in most interaction commands.

Movement Updates

Our movement system was amongst the first systems that we developed in our new engine for Untold Dawn. However, while testing the game in our production and development environments, we realized some bugs related to it that we needed to address.

We spent some time addressing some critical bugs on this system and managed to fix it.

The current movement functionalities are quite basic; in the future we want the movement delay to depend on speed, add follow commands, and add a movement command queue.

An example of movement in Untold Dawn so far.

Quit Command

A quit command probably sounds quite basic. However, when you are making your own engine from scratch, sometimes you skip the basic things in lieu of tackling some of the more complicated problems.

We had to close the client to properly quit Untold Dawn, but this update introduced the quit command which has some of our links and a nice good-bye!

What's next?

We are planning to spend some time brainstorming (and potentially developing) containers, the PUT and TAKE command, which will be our version 0.1.5. It should be an exciting one!

Please take a look at this discussion in our Discourse forums to take part in our ongoing discussion on how to handle the inventory system we're working on in the best manner.

Container Management
The Premise From discussions on the Discord, it seems that a lot of the inventory management of Untold Dawn will be done with pockets in clothing as well as containers. To that end, I believe we need a robust system to allow easy management of inventory items. The Problem Inventory management shouldn’t be a chore! Let’s lay out a simple outfit with reasonable amounts of pockets: A pair of jeans - 4 pockets A T-shirt - one breast pocket A jacket - 2 side pockets A backpack - A main compartment…

Feel free to take part in the discussion in our forums to suggest what features you wish to see prioritized; we enjoy developing hand-in-hand with our community.

If you enjoy following the development of Untold Dawn, please consider joining our Discord server.