Feature Update (0.1.13) - Devlog 1

First of all, apologies for the short blog post. This week, I was riddled with a cold which I am still recovering from, but I did not want to miss on a post!

We have begun work into permissions and ownership. This system will let you own objects in the game world (such as a home, a vehicle, or a machine), and lend access to it to others.

First of all, the permissions command can work on any object in the game world, but only some have been enabled to have permissions on them.

When you have properly been set as the owner of something, the idea is that this system will tell you that you own the device or object.

This same command is going to let you transfer the ownership of the device to someone else.

This is a very flexible system that is work in progress. The fact that it lets you handle permissions for virtually anything means that you can use it for vehicles, rooms, and many more things!

We'll see you next weekend as we develop more of this system.