Feature Update (0.1.13) - Devlog 2

This week, we have been hard at work with exposing the permissions system for regular players.

Basic Permissions

Let's consider, for simplicity's sake, the permissions on a door.

The owner of the object (the door) can add another person under a specific permission name. Here we have the owner giving permission to lock/unlock the door to someone else:

The alias function allows character's to remain incognito, while still being removed when not present.

Staff by default are able to set ownership on any objects – but a player is also capable of transferring the object ownership to another:

Once transferred, the original owners privileges are obviously lost:

As we mentioned on the previous blog post, this system is universal. We can enable it on specific objects, and the same command will be used across the board, for now. Currently the system only supports PC ownershop of objects, but eventually we'll likely be looking to add group ownership. Although, we have decided to defer that a few versions so that we can start to use the system in various locations.

Setdoor Command

As part of this system, we've created a new setdoor command and updated the door model to allow for the lockable property. Here you can see the command in action and updates to the xamine command to show when a door is lockable.

Here is the entire command so far.

We used to set door through the set command, but that entire logic has been ported here. The idea is that this command will allow for far more finnicking.

What's Next?

With the permissions system skeleton in place, and the setdoor command in place, we want to finish the lockable property to detect if you have lock/unlock permissions and code its logic. If that works well, we might take a stab at the mineral purchase machine!

We are looking for a tester. If you are interested, please refer to our discord announcement!