Feature Update (0.1.11)

Learn more about the mining system in the upcoming space colony RPI MUD, Untold Dawn.

Feature Update (0.1.11)

This week we take an initial dive into our first skill, mining.

Last week, we implemented the basics of the attributes & skills system. If you haven't taken a look at it, make sure to read it here:

Feature Update (0.1.10)
The attributes & skills system was developed in Untold Dawn. Learn all the details in this blog post.


Objects can have a material set - this is optional, however, not mandatory.

Here is a screenshot staff-side of how this property is set:

This property is set to be used in the mining systems extensively, although for now it is not shown anywhere.


Also optional, objects can now have weight. Here is an example of a builder setting the weight on an object.

In many games, weight can get out of hand and certain objects have weights that do not make sense (such as rooms). The fact that weight is optional handles these cases; every logic that implements weights will know that weight is optional, and therefore should also take that into account into its logics (normally, either the logic is skilled, or the weight is assumed 0).

Weight also has a function to describe it. For now, it simply appends grams. However, in the future, the idea is to have a conversion to kilograms, and more. In the screenshot above, it is only being shown in a staff-side command. However, no doubt, there will be many ways to handle this information in game.


You can now set an object as a mine. Here is how it looks:

A mine depends on the material it has. Here is how it looks when it is set correctly:

Mining Pickaxes

Mining pickaxes are a special type of object that have a value that will affect mining rolls. You will not be able to mine without a pickaxe of sorts.

There is a tool quality that determines the difficulty modifier for mining rolls.

Actual Mining!

All of that, all of our progress in the last few weeks in skill rolls and everything, leads to this beautiful screenshot:

A few things to note here:

This was a character straight out of chargen (10 in every attribute) and using the default mining level, with 0 training, mining iron (which is slated to be the easiest mineral). Each mining command has a brief delay of 10 seconds which returns a message informing you to wait a moment before the action can be repeated and aims to stop someone from just spamming the mine command.

As you can see, the resulting chunk has id #-1 for some time then it takes ID 10. This is the saving system at work. When the chunk is examined by staff, the weight can be seen - weights are randomly attributed based on the material!

The screenshot also shows 12 grams, which is not accurate. We've been adjusting the weight of iron and copper yields, and they tend to be much more generous for balance reasons.

Keep in mind that the sdesc and description in that screenshot is also not final and our builders have already worked on descriptions for those chunks that look like this:

a rugged chunk of iron ore (#222)

This rugged chunk of iron ore has a textured, gray exterior that is marked by the scars of mining tools. Glimmering faintly in the light, it exudes a metallic sheen, its dense weight conveying a sense of solidity and chill to the touch.

What's next?

We will be focusing on skill progression so that actively mining starts to increase your skill level. Following this, next steps include vending machines which will purchase the find based on weight and material.

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